We would love for you to join the St Barnabas family

Our rooms

All rooms contain furniture, an overhead light, a built-in wardrobe and a hand basin.

Telephone lines and wi-fi connections are also available, for a small monthly fee.


At times we may have the following rooms available, which do incur a small fee that is not covered by the Subsidy mentioned below.

Shared Ensuite
$10 per day
This is a room with an ensuite containing a shower and toilet.  These ensuites are shared between two rooms.

Single Ensuite
$12 per day
These are larger rooms with private ensuites.

Large Room
$8 per day
These rooms are bigger than our basic rooms, however they do not have ensuites.

Residential Care Subsidy

You may be able to receive assistance with the costs of your care by qualifying for a Residential Care Subsidy. For more information about this subsidy please click this button:
WINZ Residential Care Subsidy
St Barnabas Trust