We have a wide range of services on offer here at The Home of St Barnabas Trust


To provide the best possible care based on established standards.
To always include the resident and/or family in treatment decisions.
To respect and respond to each individual’s cultural and personal choice and lifestyle decisions.
To remain up to date in current trends in care.
To ensure all members of our team maintain a collaborative approach to care.
To be clearly accountable for our practices through the quality improvement process.


Our residents enjoy tasty and nutritious meals, served in our stately dining room, with all food cooked on site from fresh ingredients.

Our commercial kitchen has an Excellent “A” grading certificate 
(Licence number RBM/12455).


7.00am to 8.15am

Breakfast is usually served in your bedroom. Breakfast can be any of the following: bran flakes, porridge, Weetbix, Cornflakes, muesli, toast with marmalade, honey etc. with tea, coffee or Milo.

Morning tea
10.00 am- 10.30am

Served in the main lounge or day room.

12.00 midday

Served in the main dining room.  This is the main meal of the day, which includes a hot main meal followed by dessert and drink.

Afternoon tea
2.15pm to 3.15pm

Served in the downstairs lounge or day room.


Served in the main dining room. A light meal consisting of a savoury dish or sandwiches with soup, fresh fruit, dessert and tea or coffee.

Tea, coffee or Milo, served in the lounge or bedroom as desired.


Activities Coordinator Kaye Miller works hard to maintain purposeful and meaningful activities tailored to everyone’s strengths and abilities. Kaye encourages the involvement of all residents in various activities and ensures full participation for indoor games, which has proven to be very successful with regards to residents' mobility and mental well-being.

Van rides for sight-seeing excursions are great for exploring and discovering other areas of Dunedin. The St Barnabas van has a hoist for wheelchair access. 

Drum group, which takes place on a Monday morning, is an extremely popular activity amongst our residents.

The knitting group meet in the Blue Room, our front lounge, on a Friday afternoon. This is a great chance for a chat as much as it is about the knitting.

Daily quizzes are an excellent way to keep the brain working as well as providing some great fun and entertainment.

Residents can also enjoy dancing and exercises to music, ball games, playing cards, puzzles and board games.

We have a well stocked library here at St Barnabas, including large print books and magazines. We also have a wide selection of music tapes, audio CDs, DVDs and videos.


Appointments are arranged through the registered nurse. Doctor's day is weekly on a Thursday, with our house doctor from Kenko Care.  Cost is included in the fee for subsidised residents. If residents prefer their own doctor, then extra costs shall be met by the resident directly and the doctor must agree to visit three monthly, and in case of an emergency and as requested.


Physiotherapy services will be organised if prescribed by a General Practitioner.


Spiritual and cultural needs

We have a long standing relationship with St Peters church on Hillside Road. We will assist residents who want to attend church services. Church volunteers are invited to visit residents and bring in communion for residents who wish to receive.

Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic services are all available.

Kaumatua are welcome to conduct a prayer meeting for interested residents.


A hairdresser visits weekly to attend to the hairdressing needs of residents. Charges are very reasonable.


A Podiatrist from City Podiatrist attends to any podiatry needs of the residents every six weeks. Charges are very reasonable.


Birthdays are always party time at St Barnabas, and our Christmas parties for residents, families and friends are always joyous occasions!

St Barnabas Trust